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GIS work involves a lot of behind-the-scenes trial and error— it rarely works perfectly the first time. When you're hammering away at a problem, stopping to document each step you're trying slows you down and takes you out of that analytical headspace.

ChronoCards is an ArcGIS Pro addin that logs metadata about your team's activity in Arc and streams it in realtime to a web dashboard. What this means is you can power through your analysis without needing to worry about documentation— we handle that automatically for you.

By grouping your steps together, canonical workflows can be established to get that institutional knowledge out of your head and into a place where it can be easily shared across the team.


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You install the ChronoCards ArcGIS Pro addin file, create a ChronoCards account, and link your ArcGIS Online account with ChronoCards. When you start Pro, the addin uses credentials from your ArcGIS Online portal connection to authenticate you with ChronoCards and log metadata about your edits and geoprocessing operations.
Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We do not sell, rent, or otherwise share your data with anyone. Your data is yours!

We don't require access to, nor do we store, any of your organization's actual data— we just read about things taking place to the data.
We use enterprise-grade cloud hosting. If you need to host it on-premise, contact us and we can discuss further.
We are available via email, phone, and text message during business hours in Colorado. We aim to respond to inquiries in less than 24 hours and typically respond within 1 to 2 hours.
Get in touch and we’ll contact you to discuss further! We won’t spam you and a human will respond directly.