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Managing even a small GIS team can be hard. There are a lot of complex moving parts to geospatial processes and analyses, datasets that live in disparate locations, and five analysts can solve the same problem five different ways.

ChronoCards empowers teams to manage GIS better by providing activity logs, workflow documentation, & reporting tools for ArcGIS Pro.

ChronoCards allows you to step into an analyst’s thought processes and day-to-day workflows without interrupting them, preventing needless meetings and saving your team’s time.

Get your ArcGIS Pro documentation and activity into Jira, SharePoint, and Confluence!

Documentation And Metrics Where They Matter Most

Updating process documentation and task progress across multiple knowledge sharing platforms is tedious and time-consuming.

ChronoCards integrates with platforms you already use and automatically keeps them up to date with the latest activity from your team.

ChronoCards can automatically update your tickets in Jira with the latest related activity your analysts take in ArcGIS Pro. Documentation generated from your ChronoCards logs can be embedded in Confluence or SharePoint sites to store all your GIS workflow documentation alongside the rest of your organizations knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Users install the ChronoCards ArcGIS Pro add-in, which logs metadata about activity and sends it to the ChronoCards dashboard.

ChronoCards is primarily a cloud-based application, but we offer an on-prem version for larger organizations. If you think you’d need an on-prem installation, get in touch and we can go through the options.

By design, in our cloud-based platform does not replicate or store any of your GIS data-- we log metadata about actions taken involving that data. For example, if you edit a feature class in SDE we log the name of the feature class and the object ID of the feature edited. We store the names and paths to layers, APRX files, geoprocessing tools, etc but none of the actual data is ever sent to us at any time. We do not share any data we collect with anyone.

Most teams using the cloud-based application can be onboarded in about 5 minutes! All you have to do is install the add-in, link it to your ChronoCards dashboard, and you’re ready to go!

The fastest way to get support is to submit a ticket from within the ChronoCards web app. We aim to respond to each ticket in less than 24 hours, and typically respond within an hour on the same business day. We are also available for phone and/or videocall support during Mountain Time business hours by appointment.

Within Pro, ChronoCards will automatically detect your ArcGIS Online account and leverage that for authentication. Your ArcGIS Online account does not need to be the active portal, but it does need to be one of the available portals in Pro. Once that is set up, you have to link your ArcGIS Online account with your ChronoCards account on the ChronoCards dashboard.

The cloud-based version of ChronoCards requires a stable internet connection to run properly and communicate with the ChronoCards server. The on-prem version can run without making any external network requests and thus can work without internet.

No. We log actions taken in Arc as they happen, but do not prevent anything from running within Pro and only send events in a non-blocking manner.

Yes. When the ChronoCards add-in is installed in ArcGIS Pro, by default it will log all activity. You can temporarily or permanently disable this by going to the add-in in the top ribbon in Pro or by going to the add-in’s settings page.

Check the docs for an updated list of events we catch.

Check the versions release page for an updated list of supported ArcGIS Pro versions. We typically stay up to date with the lastest released version.

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