Automatically Document Your GIS Workflows

Once you install the ChronoCards ArcGIS Pro addin, all your activity within Pro gets logged on your ChronoCards dashboard. As you complete processes, you can leave yourself (and your teammates!) notes so that everyone knows what steps you took and why. This allows the whole team to operate consistently without needing to schedule endless meetings to discuss the steps taken!

  • Easily document your workflows and share them with your team.
  • Watch Arc activity in real-time to ensure that the proper steps are being taken.
  • Reduce knowledge silos without needing to burden team members with excessive manual documentation.
  • Quantify user, team, and company contributions with user-friendly reporting, allowing you to easily justify when your department is operating at maximum capacity.

See all Arc activity on a report to quickly determine where efforts are being focused.

View a timeline of Arc activity to determine when, how, and why certain steps were taken.