Struggle to quantify your team's impact?
Waste time trying to remember old workflows?
In the dark about work already completed?
Not anymore.


GIS Doesn't Have To Be A Black Hole

It’s hard to stay informed about your team’s GIS work while it’s still underway— oftentimes you have little idea what's going on until seeing the final result. Without robust documentation and management software, it’s difficult to quantify your team’s progress and manage processes that largely live in analysts’ heads, siloed away from the rest of the group.

ChronoCards provides activity logs, workflow documentation, and reporting tools for ArcGIS.
Your whole team can collaborate seamlessly and you’ll never be left in the dark.

Team standards for data storage and naming conventions can all be found in one place. With a quick scroll through your team's log, you never have to be left frustrated trying to figure out what someone did.

Quantify Your Team's Impact

You already know when your department is maxed out, but how can you quantify this to show management?

ChronoCards computes GIS usage and editing trends, empowering you to better forecast when your team needs additional manpower.

By tracking edit counts and geoprocessing operations, you can establish basic geospatial KPIs at the individual, team, and organization level.


Document, Standardize, & Share GIS Workflows Effortlessly

Problems can be solved many different ways by different analysts, yielding different results. After reviewing your ChronoCards logs, you can group steps from your analysis into a document and share this across the organization to establish standard operating procedures from work you've already completed, saving countless hours of future frustration.


Audit logs for ArcGIS Pro allow you to always see what GIS work was completed.

Always Have A Log To Fall Back On

ChronoCards provides audit logs for editing and geoprocessing activity in ArcGIS Pro, so you never have to be stuck wondering what happened or how a colleague arrived at their results.

ChronoCards logs metadata about your team’s activity in ArcGIS Pro and streams it in realtime to a web dashboard.

It’s kind of like a shared, annotatable geoprocessing history for you and your team. You can leave notes so that everyone understands the why behind your methods— you don't even have to leave Pro! Or, run QA/QC like never before by easily spotting where a process went off the rails.

Audit logs for ArcGIS Pro allow you to always see what GIS work was completed.

See GIS Activity Automatically In Jira

Jira can be great at managing tasks for GIS teams, but keeping tickets up to date with the latest activity takes your analysts away from their core tasks and relies on them to remember the exact steps they took.

ChronoCards can automatically log GIS actions your analysts take and update your team’s Jira tickets accordingly.

This allows your team to get the most out of Jira without burdening analysts with mundane documentation tasks. Analysts can select Jira tickets without leaving ArcGIS Pro and their notes, geoprocessing history, and edit summaries will be logged on the ticket, keeping your boards always up to date.


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